Leak Detection

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There are many kinds of plumbing leaks and many ways to fix them. If you have drips or leaks call Professional Plumbing Solutions. We offer leak detection services and we’ll find out if your leak is coming from a pipe, the wall or even the floor.

Professional Plumbing Solutions uses state of the art equipment to find leaks in your plumbing system and repair them.

If you have leaks, have them repaired at once. Your water meter measures all water used, even steady drips, and you will be charged for the amount of water you use even if it’s coming from a leak.


Plumbing Leak ExpertSo, how much money does a leaky faucet cost?

 A 1mm stream, (approximate size of the tip of a ball point pen) wastes about 750 gallons and  around $6.00/month.

A 1.5mm stream wastes about 3,000 gallons and around $23.00/month.

A 3mm stream wastes about 12,000 gallons and around $90.00/month.


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