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Water Heater Repair and Replacement in Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater and beyond.

Water heaters are fairly simple devices. Basically it’s a 30, 40 50 or 60 gallon holding tank with a cold water intake, a hot water outlet and a drain valve. Inside there are a few other components – a heating element, a dip tube (that guides cold water coming into the tank down to the bottom so the hot water on top will be used first) and a ‘sacrificial rod or anode’, to help prevent corrosion inside the tank.

Water heater repair tampa bayWater heaters are ranked third on the household energy consumption list, so by increasing its efficiency you can decrease your energy costs. There are many problems you can experience with a water heater – not enough hot water, water that’s too hot or too cold, smelly water (rotten eggs smell) or the tank is making noises. Buildup of sediment in the tank of your water heater requires draining the tank completely and flushing it with clean water. If the tank is noisy, it may be the result of the temperature settings.

The worst water heater problem you can run into is a leaking tank. Unfortunately, once that happens, that tank is done. There are no fixes for a leaking water heater.

We replace, repair and install many brands of water heaters.


Set the temperature control to about 150 degrees Fahrenheit or lower if you have no dishwasher or if you have small children or elderly people in the home who might scald themselves.

Always shut off the power to an electric water heater before working on it.

Do not work on an electric water heater if there is standing water pooled on the floor near the appliance. Shut off the circuit to the water heater and call Professional Plumbing Solutions. Our Plumbers are ready to assist you.

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